Photographs by Keith Hunter, courtesy of Tramway, Glasgow.


25 abductresses is a window mural made of digital prints on fluorescent yellow paper, pasted onto the glass facing outwards, with ochre brown liquid rubber painted around them. Together they fill the window, obscuring the gallery interior from outside view and dimming the light inside. The prints reproduce twenty five ink drawings of demons, or possibly furies (ancient Greek spirits of vengeance who punished oath-breakers). They are called ‘abductresses’ (women who abduct), but they all have ambivalent expressions and ambiguous bodies, held in postures that hide or distance them from their audience. Still, they have gathered on the window and come to meet the public, for which they might be accused of seduction.

This work was installed as part of Pastoral Drama at Tramway, Glasgow, in September 2018, alongside the text work Terms (2018) and the video work Pastoral Drama (2018).