There is a chapter in the Belgian theorist Luce Irigaray's Speculum of the Other Woman entitled 'On the Index of Plato's Works: Woman'. It is short, only eight pages, and consists entirely of quotes from Plato's oeuvre. Irigaray's authorial technique here is like curation; the content belongs entirely to the Greek philosopher, but the selection and juxtapositions are hers, conextualised by the chapters around it.

A poster by Jamie Crewe is a set of two posters which reproduce this chapter on one side, with each page at 1:1 scale, ready to be trimmed, folded or assembled. On the reverse is one of two photographs, both of which show an encounter with homoerotic photography. The artist is taking a photograph of a male friend, half undressed, but it is not this photograph that is seen; rather a second photographer, the artist Lindsey Mendick, documents this interaction, and her photograph is presented in the work.