Photograph by Matthew Arthur Williams, courtesy of Transmission, Glasgow.


A reunion is an anecdotal text exhibited as part of the exhibition But what was most awful was a girl who was singing at Transmission Gallery in Glasgow. It recounts an event from my undergraduate degree in which my class held a 'revolutionary cocktail evening' to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the May '68 protests in Paris, France. It is accompanied by notes in the margins.

This work accompanied the sculptural work Carmen after James Bidgood and Jean Genet (2016), which stood paralell with it, hidden by a yellow wall, a few untitled window murals in sprayed rubber, and Chantal after James Bidgood and Jean Genet (2016), a video work screened in the gallery's basement.

A drawing and collage produced for Alchemy Film and Moving Image Festival, 2021. A sleeping figure pilfered from a Man Ray photograph is tattooed in black ink and draped with words concerning exhaustion, dependency, and a softness that fills the nose. On top of it is a lattice of oil-pencilled lines, folded back at the top left corner.