Photograph by Patrick Dandy, courtesy of Grand Union, Birmingham.


“Bedraggled little brush” is a work created for the solo exhibition Love & Solidarity (February 2020, Grand Union, Birmingham).

It presents the tail of a fox model seen in the video “The Ideal Bar” – “Le Narcisse” – “Alec’s” (2020), screwed into the back of a wood and MDF display wall. The rest of its body has been taken to the exhibition Solidarity & Love (January 2020, Humber Street Gallery, Hull) as a separate work titled "Little red fox" (2020).

It was exhibited alongside the video works “Morton” – “Beedles” – “An abyss” (2020) and “The Ideal Bar” – “Le Narcisse” – “Alec’s” (2020), a portion of slabs by Radclyffe Hall, and the printed work "Womanhood" (2020).