Crockery I moved to Glasgow with prepared for plantings is a broken bowl filled with soil which is drenched in the men’s fragrance Clinique Happy For Men. The bowl was one of two I bought to Glasgow, along with three plates and two mugs. I smashed all of these in my studio.

During the ancient Athenian festival of the Adonia the women of Athens would mourn the death of Adonis on the rooftops of their houses. One of the ways they would do this was by growing ‘gardens of Adonis’ in shards of broken pottery, wicker baskets, or other improvised receptacles - these gardens would be sown with the seeds of fast germinating plants like wheat, barley, lettuce, and fennel, which in the midsummer heat would sprout, shrivel, and die within days. Fundamental to the mourning of Adon

is was the celebration of that which was impotent, useless, and premature. It is also suggested that the women of Athens would pour perfume into their ceremonial plantings, and in this work I have done a similar thing, using a men’s fragrance to drench the soil. Soaked in the oils and alcohol of a modern cologne, the planting becomes even more sterile, incapable of sustaining life, while contained in a vessel that suggests a domestic life sacrificed for an artistic one, or a heteronormative life resisted for a queer one.