Photograph by Jules Lister, courtesy of Humber Street Gallery, Hull.




“Morton” – “Beedles” – “An abyss” is a video created for the sister solo exhibitions Love & Solidarity (February 2020, Grand Union, Birmingham) and Solidarity & Love (January 2020, Humber Street Gallery, Hull).

It is a video documenting Radclyffe Hall – a concomitant group of artists, writers, and others, working under the late author’s name and in this case composed of Nicky Crewe, Vicky Crewe, Seán Elder, Laura Guy, John Heffernan, Mason Leaver-Yap, Kim McAleese, and myself – engaging in a traditional craft from the Peak District, England, where I grew up. Over the course of two days, in Birmingham’s Modern Clay ceramics studio, we made a bastardised version of a well dressing.

It is intended to accompany, and be accompanied by, the video work “The Ideal Bar” – “Le Narcisse” – “Alec’s” (2020). It was exhibited alongside the sculptural works "Bedraggled little brush" (2020) and "Little red fox" (2020), slabs by Radclyffe Hall, and the printed work "Womanhood" (2020).