Photographs by Jules Lister, courtesy of Humber Street Gallery, Hull. Right: "A slab" "In the gold haze of late afternoon" (2020).


These slabs are works created for the sister solo exhibitions Love & Solidarity (February 2020, Grand Union, Birmingham) and Solidarity & Love (January 2020, Humber Street Gallery, Hull). 17 fired clay works – all called “A slab” and subtitled with quotes from Radclyffe Hall's novel The Well of Loneliness – were split across the exhibitions.

They the products of the labour depicted in the video “Morton” – “Beedles” – “An abyss” (2020), and are mounted on a fluorescent orange wall in a layout which echoes the layout of their creation.

These slabs, attributed to the collective called Radclyffe Hall, are iconoclastic: traditionally a well dressing would be erected for one or two weeks, then begin to dry out and degrade, and so be taken down. Its design would be destroyed, and the clay and boards would be reclaimed and stored for the next year. In this case, however, the design has been cut into sections and fired in a kiln. What remains on the pale clay are marks of imprint, shadows of pigment, and a few scorched remnants.

These works accompanied the videos “Morton” – “Beedles” – “An abyss” and “The Ideal Bar” – “Le Narcisse” – “Alec’s” (2020), the sculptural works "Bedraggled little brush" (2020) and "Little red fox" (2020), and the printed work "Womanhood" (2020).