Photograph by Andy Keate, courtesy of Gasworks, London.


Wax figure is a sheet of latex draped over cardbord boxes and other gallery detritus from Gasworks, London, forming a rough approximation of a reclining body. On the sheet there are burnt lines depicting eyebrows, eyelashes and finger nails at a human scale. These refer equally to a mechanical waxwork figure in Rachilde's Monsieur Venus: a Materialist Novel (1884) (whose eyelashes, hair, nails, and teeth have been plucked from Jacques Slivert's corpse) and to my grooming routine while a resident artist at Gasworks in summer 2016.

This work was shown in Female Executioner at Gaswork, London, in January 2017, alongside (in an adjoining white room) the sculptural work Inert being (2017), the video work Adulteress (2017), and the print work Miserable wretch (2017). In the same woad-blue room that Wax figure squatted in, there was a knife-drawn text called Stone breaker (2017).