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White Adonis is a video which references James Bidgood’s Pink Narcissus, while using as its inspirational myth the scene of Adonis’ death. The video was filmed in my bedroom, while it was being repaired after a serious rainwater leak, and was filmed in ‘super-slow motion’ on a domestic digital camera, giving a low quality digital image with a very high frame rate. Adonis, the foreign, adolescent lover of the goddess Aphrodite, was said to have been gored in the groin by a boar and left to die in a bed of lettuce, a plant which the Greeks called ‘food for corpses’, and which they believed caused impotence.

This work was shown in the GSA MFA Interim show alongside the sculptural works Crockery I moved to Glasgow with prepared for plantings (2014) and A rhetorical folding screen for James Bidgood (2014), and the window-pasted print work 5 insults, 2 fantasias, and a text by Bruce Benderson (2014).