Photographs by Jules Lister, courtesy of Humber Street Gallery, Hull.


“Womanhood” is a work created for the sister solo exhibitions Love & Solidarity (February 2020, Grand Union, Birmingham) and
Solidarity & Love (January 2020, Humber Street Gallery, Hull).

“Womanhood” is an A4 sized publication containing eight pages of black and red print and black staples. It is a displayed on a long steel and MDF rail at both venues, on which the copies of the work are erratically shingled. There have been around 3,000 printed, and they are available for any visitor to take away. The cover design is based on the cover design of The Sink of Solitude (1928), an illustrated lampoon of Radclyffe Hall’s The Well of Loneliness written by Beresford Egan, P. R. Stephensen, and ‘Several Hands’. “Womanhood”, too, has things to say about Radclyffe Hall: through collaged excerpts of the novel, drawings, and a first-person narrative written with a knife, the work addresses the pain of disenfranchisement, and the contrary, almost spiteful endurance of hope.

It was exhibited alongside the video works “Morton” – “Beedles” – “An abyss” (2020) and “The Ideal Bar” – “Le Narcisse” – “Alec’s” (2020), the sculptural works "Bedraggled little brush" (2020) and "Little red fox" (2020), a portion of slabs by Radclyffe Hall, and the printed work "Womanhood" (2020).